Black Women Rising

Kysha Mitchell -- Episode #053

March 01, 2022 Jessica Davis Episode 53
Black Women Rising
Kysha Mitchell -- Episode #053
Show Notes

Are you ready to elevate from employee to entrepreneur? 

Today on the black women rising podcast, we sat down with Kysha, a certified success coach, speaker and a an advocate for women owning success that’s authentic to them. Kysha talks about the mindset shifts that need to be made in order to reach your authentic success, find the beauty in yourself, the benefits of coaching and mentorship, how women can get over fear when starting a business, and create an exit strategy before going into entrepreneurship. Kysha believes that doing what we are called to do, living in our purpose, is the path to the divine and living our best life.

Key Discussion Points From This Episode Include:

[00:02:31] Kysha’s Personal Philosophy

[00:06:38] Doing What You’re Called to do/ Entrepreneurship 

[00:08:32] Daily Inspiration 

[00:10:38] Finding Beauty in Yourself 

[00:18:02] Benefits of Coaching and Mentorship

[00:22:21] Advice For Women Getting Over Fear When Starting a Business

[00:27:49] Creating an Exit Strategy Before Starting a Business 

[00:34:30] Kysha’s Black Girl Magic 

Kysha Mitchell empowers women who feel stuck in their jobs to make time for and take action on their dream to become an entrepreneur. 

A one-time corporate employee suiting up to sit in her cubicle day after day, Kysha took the bold move to leave the 9 to 5 and is now an in-demand, successful coach and speaker. She's been featured as a keynote speaker, on television, in major magazines and on podcasts sharing her framework of Empowered Feminine Success.

Learn more about her work by visiting her on the web at

Instagram: Kysha Mitchell (@elevate_your_now) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: Kysha Mitchell – Success Coach & Speaker

Website: Employee to Entrepreneur Elevation (

Facebook: Powerhouse Women Rising from Employee to Entrepreneur | Facebook

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