Black Women Rising

Victoria Timpo -- Episode #046

December 28, 2021 Victoria Timpo Episode 46
Black Women Rising
Victoria Timpo -- Episode #046
Show Notes

Are you an artist looking for a community of kindred spirits and support? Listen here as this Ghanian American Artist shares the importance of both.

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with Ghanian-American business owner and artist Victoria Timpo. Victoria is the founder of Kindred Creatives Collective, aiming to connect and support black women artists. She is also the host of the creators making moves podcast. In this episode, Victoria shares her passion for her culture, heritage, art, and the community of artists she works and connects with. She also shares how important it is to support and patronize black artists.

Key Discussion Points From This Episode Include:

[00:02:29] The Art Victoria Creates

[00:03:33] Victoria’s Inspiration For Creating Art

[00:06:29] Victoria’s Art Company

[00:09:16] Biggest Struggle as a Creative 

[00:11:45] Victoria’s WHY

[00:15:36] Finding Time For Self-Care

[00:18:06] A Myth About Black Women Artists That Needs to be Debunked

[00:22:11] The Importance of Having Mentors and Support

[00:28:38] Victoria’s Definition of Black Girl Magic 

Connect with Victoria:

Instagram: Victoria Timpo |Art Retreat 🇬🇭 (@victoria_yawa) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: Kindred Creatives Collective

Facebook: Victoria Timpo

Facebook Group: African Women Creatives | Facebook

Based in Chicago, Victoria is the founder of Kindred Creatives Collective, a collective aimed to connect and support black women artists. She's also a painter, curator, and the host of the Creatives Making Moves podcast. Victoria is passionate about helping women artists of color to build sustainable creative businesses and take more breaks! She created the Dinner, Art, and Conversation dinner series, and the Ghana Artist Retreat to uplevel black women artists' creative genius. Currently, Victoria works full-time at a nonprofit visual arts youth center, where she manages and supports hundreds of teaching artists in their professional development. Victoria received a BFA in Painting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MFA in Curatorial Practice at Maryland Institute College of Art.

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