Black Women Rising

Taylor Sparks -- Episode #043

December 07, 2021 Taylor Sparks Episode 43
Black Women Rising
Taylor Sparks -- Episode #043
Show Notes

What you would you rate your sex life on a scale of 1-10? Want to learn tips for making good sex great? Listen here as we dive into some good grown folk conversation.

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with Erotic Educator, Sex Goddess & Organic Loven Founder Taylor Sparks. Taylor shares with us her holistic approach to sex. She educates us on sexual health and wellness as she encourages us to embrace our sexuality and communicate our needs to have the sexual experiences we desire. 

Key discussion points from this episode include:

[00:01:46] - Erotic Educator Defined

[00:02:55] - Becoming an Erotic Sex Educator

[00:07:19] - How To Have A Good Sex Life

[00:16:23] - Embracing Your Sexuality 

[00:22:32] - More Advice For Getting Comfortable With Your Sexuality

[00:35:47] - How Does Good Or Bad Sex Affect Your Life

[00:42:12] - Stop Focusing On The Orgasm

[00:49:06] - Possible Traumas That Can Affect Your Sex Life

Connect with Taylor:

Instagram: Taylor Sparks (@60secondsofsparks) • Instagram photos and videos

LinkedIn: Taylor Sparks - Erotic Educator and Sex Goddess - | LinkedIn

Podcast: Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades Of Play • A podcast on Anchor

Amongst many things, Taylor Sparks (aka Mariposa) is a passionate erotic educator and sex goddess, certified in both holistic aromatherapy and human behavior.  With over a decade of experience in the natural skin care/cosmetics industry, Ms. Sparks launched, one of the largest BIPOC owned online intimacy shops.  Organic Loven specializes in improving adults’ sexual health/wellness and enhancing their sex lives via their organic intimate body products, body-safe sex toy materials, sex-positive books and erotic educational seminars.
Ms. Sparks’ expertise has contributed to articles in Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Health, Oprah, Shape, Women’s Health magazines and more.  Taylor has become renowned in the adult travel industry and is a powerful public speaker both nationally and internationally. Her flagship seminar entitled,” How To Make Good Pussy, Better”, is extremely popular and focuses on the benefits of organic intimate body products and body safe sex toys.  Socially and environmentally conscious and a strong supporter in all things organic, natural and eco-friendly...including Love.

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