Black Women Rising

Cheri Syphax -- Episode #047

January 04, 2022 Cheri Syphax Episode 47
Black Women Rising
Cheri Syphax -- Episode #047
Show Notes

Are you prepared to receive the love you’re looking for? Do you believe it’s possible to have it all while also having the romantic relationship that you desire?

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with the Regional Sales Director of Zimmer Biomet, business consultant, entrepreneur, and podcast host of the lover and leader podcast Cheri Syphax. She truly believes that any woman out there can have a life of abundance, love, and fullness. Having found the love of her life later in life, she now coaches other women to position themselves to have it all.

Key Discussion Points From This Episode Include:

[00:02:30] Confidence Instilled Through Being Nurtured in Love – 2:30
[00:04:03] Cheri’s Personal Philosophy – 4:03
[00:05:30] Finding Love at Fifty – 5:30
[00:10:14] Doing The Inner Work to Receive the Love You Desire – 10:14
[00:11:45] Is it Possible to Have it All– 11:45
[00:13:49] Work Life Balance 13:49
[00:17:13] Making Decisions Through the Fear 17:13
[00:21:00] Avoiding Burnout and Having It All 21:00
[00:22:30] Dealing With the Disappointment of Missing the Mark 22:30
[00:23:59] Cheri’s Black Girl Magic – 23:59

Connect with Cheri:

Instagram: Tracey & Cheri Syphax (@justphax) • Instagram photos and videos


Podcast: About | Leader And Lover Podcast

Cheri Spigner - Syphax is the witty, sassy host of the Leader and Lover Podcast.  She is an executive in the medical device industry, an industry she is passionate about.  Like many other executive Black women, Cheri has had to wear the cape of employee, grad student, single mother, provider, lover, entrepreneur and friend. She has done everything from run for School Board and run a business helping student athletes qualify for scholarships. She, like other powerful executives has learned the delicate balance of navigating spaces where she is “the only”.  Unfortunately, she has not always successfully navigated relationships, that was, until she did her soul search and inner work. Meditation and a positive mindset are at the root of her confidence, positivity and optimism.  She is surrounded by a circle of excellence, powerful Black women who have defined what having it all means. Her positive words empower and motivate others.  She is an agent for change and is creating a platform to showcase the magic of Black women and Black love. That is the force behind the Leader and Lover Podcast.  During the Leader and Lover Podcast, Cheri will demystify the negative trope that black women can’t have it all and have it all with style, grace and class.  

Through “Dating Phax” Cheri and her husband Tracey, help women create winning online dating profiles that help them stand out in the crowd.  They also give them tools to help them get our of their way, so love can find them. Follow them at

When she is not working or following her passion of helping Black women win, she can be found enjoying a full life with her husband, traveling to spend time with her friends and family or FaceTiming her new Glam-baby. 

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