Black Women Rising

Tracy Neely -- Episode #042

November 30, 2021 Tracy Neely Episode 42
Black Women Rising
Tracy Neely -- Episode #042
Show Notes

How do you show up in the world? Are you presenting your most authentic self? You no longer have to wait to be seen, heard, or to take up space. Be unapologetically you!

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with healer, priestess, and life coach Tracy Neely. Tracy shares with us her journey of rediscovering herself and allowing herself to be her most authentic self. She also shares with us her passion for helping others rediscover themselves and remember their brilliance so that they can show up as their most authentic selves in life and business.

Key discussion points from this episode include:

  • [00:03:20] The Journey Of Self Discovery
  • [00:10:46] A Fundamental Change
  • [00:14:28] Thoughts On Regret
  • [00:17:11] The Difficulty of Allowing One’s Self To Be Seen Or Heard
  • [00:19:15] Unapologetically Standing In Truth
  • [00:22:28] Being An Introvert In Business
  • [00:25:31] Tracy’s Ultimate Vision For Her Clients
  • [00:27:11] Black Girl Magic

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