Black Women Rising

Eve Guzman -- Episode #038

February 02, 2021 Eve Guzman Episode 38
Black Women Rising
Eve Guzman -- Episode #038
Show Notes

Eve Guzman, is an internationally-acclaimed nutritionist, business coach, public speaker, and PEOPLE Magazine 'Half Their Size' ambassador. She is the owner of the G-Transformation Academy which aims to help women ditch fad diets, lose weight, and eat real food without being restricted. She has personally lost more than 150 pounds through exercise and her macro nutrition philosophy, going from obese to a nationally qualified figure competitor.

Eve Guzman is the founder of the Macro Mentorship Program, the unique macro nutrition + business coaching course. Eve turns personal trainers, health coaches and nutritionists into macro experts, increases their re-sign rates, builds their confidence with nutrition coaching, streamlines their client management systems while scaling their businesses.

Have you ever considered that you may be going about your weight loss journey or your dieting plan the wrong way? Have you ever heard of macro nutrition? Knowing the difference between nutrition and dieting is vital to your success on your journey to having a healthier body and being a healthier you.

Today on the Black Women Rising Podcast, we sat down with internationally-acclaimed nutritionist, business coach, public speaker, and owner of the G-Transformation Academy, Eve Guzman. Eve and her team have helped more than thousands of clients and certified over 150 coaches to continue expanding the reach of helping people and teaching them about macro nutrition.

Key discussion points from this episode include:

[00:01:21] - Foundation of the Nutrition Academy
[00:02:30] - Nutrition Vs. Dieting
[00:03:43] - Macro based nutrition
[00:07:04] - Reversing the truth about carbs
[00:11:41] - How helping others led to starting the business
[00:13:47] - The myth about being a professional nutritionist
[00:14:28] - Eve’s biggest success so far
[00:15:44] - Creation of the Macro nutrition coaching program
[00:18:03] - Doing it afraid
[00:19:00] - Handling disappointment
[00:20:23] - Advice to my younger self
[00:21:44] - Message to older self
[00:22:33] - What’s next to come
[00:26:15] - Black girl magic
[00:26:22] - Eve’s black girl magical power

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