Black Women Rising

Episode #036: Danielle Earle

January 19, 2021 Danielle Earle Episode 36
Black Women Rising
Episode #036: Danielle Earle
Show Notes

Danielle produced the Award Winning Series "Brooklyn Is In Love," and the feature film "Lover's Game," among many others that can be found on our website below the email for her production company PL Entertainment LLC.
Aside from Producing, Directing and Writer she's also a Teacher.  She teaches Audio Visual and Filmmaking OHS and a part of the C.T.E. Program - Career Technical and Education. In her program she helps students learn the fundamentals of filmmaking as well as preparing them for the workforce. She teaches grades 10-12th Grade. 
Below is a list of productions associated with PL Entertainment LLC:
Brooklyn Is In Love


Bronx Net Interview:

Consider It Blacklit

NYC Women Independent Film Festival

News 12 Interview:

Here's a trailer to our film Lover's Game -

Clips from the upcoming film -

The Haunted Mind Of An Insomniac

The New York Effect:

Complexity Series

LGBT Love Stories:


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