Black Women Rising

Sana Kibz -- Episode #035

September 08, 2020 Sana Kibz Episode 35
Black Women Rising
Sana Kibz -- Episode #035
Show Notes

Sana Akibu, well known as Sana Kibz, is a Nigerian radio host, TV personality, fashion influencer, and commercial model living in New York City. Since moving to New York from Maryland in 2013, Sana has worked with many notable brands in the fashion and beauty industries; such as:  Estee Lauder, TJ Maxx, Nike, Maybelline, Glamour, BET, WeTV, and many others

She is also a lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, and certified digital marketing strategist with a focus on social media growth for small businesses. 

She is on a mission to fully live out her dreams, while developing her new found faith in Christianity, and inspiring women everywhere to go after their heart's desires-- regardless of circumstances.

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