Black Women Rising

Rukayatu Tijani - Episode #020

April 07, 2020 Rukayatu Tijani Episode 20
Black Women Rising
Rukayatu Tijani - Episode #020
Show Notes

Rukayatu “Ruky” Tijani is an attorney, speaker, and Founder of Firm for the Culture—a virtual law firm designed to help social entrepreneurs and founders protect their brand as they scale their impact.

Firm for the Culture provides trademark services, networking opportunities, and strategy sessions for social entrepreneurs looking to own their brand, and by extension their organizational narrative, as they make meaningful change in the world. 

Ruky founded Firm for the Culture after years of serving as an intellectual property attorney in the Silicon Valley Office of the top litigation firm in the country, Quinn Emanuel.  Firm for the Culture was borne out of Ruky’s passion for the law, social impact, social entrepreneurship, and strategically scaling to create sustainable change.  

Ruky also serves as the Founder of the First Generation Purpose Project (“FGPP”), an initiative designed to help first-generation professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs successfully navigate life and careers by utilizing the grit and tenacity already in them.

Ruky has provided workshops to young professionals and creatives at New York University School of Law, Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, Berkeley Law School, University of Notre Dame School of Law, and the United States Department of Commerce.

She has been recognized as a California Change Lawyer for Legal Diversity, been featured in XONecole and Above the Law, and taken part in several podcast interviews, including the Happy Lawyers Project and the First-Gen Lounge.

Ruky is a proud Nigerian-American first-generation professional from Brooklyn, New York, a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law, and a member of the New York and California State Bars.
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